Bring in taste to cuisines without including carbohydrates


11969451603_2000f9e35c_bWith each one of the low-carbohydrate and also no-carbohydrate crazes recently, you must know that bring in a completely dry seasoning blend of top quality herbs and also spices to your recipes will improve flavor without bring in carbohydrates or calories.

I count on making food exciting – an emotional experience – with vibrant, yet not subduing, flavors to improve exactly what you are cooking so the very first bite preferences as good as the last.

A meal could come active with a dusting or spraying of among my Magic Seasonings to replace salt and also pepper. Freshness as well as high quality are essential – I don’t have a freezer or microwave in my restaurant, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen.

In the early years, clients of K-Paul‘s would ask me exactly what sort of spices I used on my recipes. In response, I would typically tell them I utilized a combination of numerous seasonings, and also I would certainly provide them a tiny bag as an example. Slowly, people started obtaining embarrassed to request enough samples, and also they supplied to pay for them. So, I started bottling my flavor combinations and also offering them at regional saves. Eventually, K-Paul’s was the birthplace of Magic Seasoning Blends. My flavoring blends are 100% natural without MSG and no chemicals.

In Louisiana, meals aren’t nearly eating; they have to do with eating well. And also dishes are viewed as an opportunity to hang around with friends and family. I desire you and also your family to take pleasure in the bonding encounter of sharing wonderful dishes together.

You don’t need to sacrifice flavor when you decrease the fat and also carbohydrates in your family meals. Merely spray your preferred Magic Spices Blend on fish, veggies or meat just before you begin the cooking process. The blends work well with all kinds of cuisine, from Italian to Mexican to French to Chinese.