The best DIY household cleaner

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Sometimes you’re somewhere you have no tools, no cleaning products, no cleaners with no desire to move and purchase some, because you are leaving soon and you think that a complete system of cleaning tools is not so necessary being left. You know one part of your couchsurfing place, the apartment you rented to your summer vacation, specific – you must clear this place, the summer villa of friends of yours or your personaly. Right after this unique holiday you had, with all the wonderful memories and sounds that left you out of air, just before you go back home, back to normalcy, to college or to work, you should bring this place in the marvelous condition you found it. Which requires not only effort, but some sort of cleaning product also. So here, my dears, will be the menu for the most useful one – your eternal savior.

The white vinegar detergent

The pros with this one are a lot that I could hardly mention them all. First, it’s available and cheap, so you will see it in every supermarket and grab it for a small amount of money. Then, it is an allpurpose cleaning solution and is suitable for every type of surface. It is antibacterial and disinfecting which is of great significance while making and you won’t clean this area again next months. It is effective and strong, but ecofriendly also. But as every positive thing has a disadvantage, below the scent may be a problem for a few. However, if you combine it water, it won’t be uncomfortable.

The citrus detergent

The smell of this one is truly much nicer and makes your complete home smell a lot better. The productivity isn’t on a single high level as by the white vinegar, but is completely satisfying.